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Fathers get their rights taken away every day. Right here in Southern California Preston King had his son given away for adoption WITHOUT HIS CONSENT! He is currently fighting for his rights to his own child.

The judge determined that because he was not married to the mother that he was not considered the presumed father. They did not take into account that he worked two jobs and even rented an apartment for them. 

12/19/13 Currently he is appealing this decision Our Attorney Art la Cilento a high profile attorney is working with the Orange County Justice Courts. Let this father have his baby!


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Letter to
Orange County Justice & Congress
We are finding it hard to understand why any judge would take the rights of a loving a fit father who wants his child. The birth mother of baby Wyatt signed over her rights for Wyatt to be adopted but Preston King never consented for his son to be adopted away. He was never given the opportunity to be the father that he has the right and capability of being. The law needs to protect fathers rights! Just because he was not married to the mother does not mean that he was not there for her and does not mean that he should not be given custody of his child. Let Preston have the child that he wants. Bring Wyatt Home where he belongs!