Petitioning Sports Leagues, Sports Industry and Government Regulators

Bring Wall Street to Main Street and Create 100,000 New Jobs!

My name is Bernie Nicholls. I love hockey and I love hockey fans. For the last 10 years my partners and I have been working on a project that will help the sports leagues, team owners, the sports industry and the fans. We call it "The New Sports Economy" and all we need now is your help to make it a reality.

What happened to the American Dream? We have slow growth, stagnant incomes, persistent unemployment and high debt. It is more like a nightmare if you ask me. What we really need right now is groundbreaking new innovation.... the next big thing.

We’ve been looking in all the wrong places. That next big thing is right in front of us. It screams at us from 52-inch flat screens. It is the first thing most of us turn to in the morning paper.  It is at our alma mater and at our kids’ practice.. It’s at the tailgate and at the water cooler. It lends itself nicely to small talk and big dreams.  It is in our hearts and our souls. It is sports. Most everything comes and goes. Sports is just getting bigger and bigger and it is here to stay.  But it is still consumed, for the most part, from behind the veil. I want to lift that veil once and for all.

Imagine every smart phone and tablet user around the world trading sports teams like stocks. This is the marriage of sports and finance. Bring Wall Street to Main Street.

Sports markets, when properly structured, not only have the potential to preserve integrity, but they can also help the leagues and the industry in other ways including risk management and price discovery. This is much more than just a new way to consume sports. This is an ecosystem... a foundation for new business models.

More people will follow their passion and we will teach finance using sports through The New Sports Economy Institute, our non-profit. The public will be naturally drawn closer to their favorite sports when combined with finance in a legal regulated environment. By providing free or very low cost financial education tools using the sports markets as a base, the public will not only make better sports trades, they will improve their financial decisions in all facets of their lives.

This is our ticket back to healthy growth and more new jobs. It’s the genie in the bottle. Once she is out, she will grant us all our wishes...  growth, jobs, tax revenue, risk management, price information, improved decision-making, integrity, better education, excitement, passion you name it. This will be good for regulators, educators, governments, leagues, the sports industry, the fans. It is truly a win-win for all... the keys to a better life and a sustainable future.

Fast forward to today. A new exchange partnership is needed upon which the regulatory approval process can begin again. That is where YOU, the sports fan, can help. We need your signature to petition the sports industry and the regulators for approval. If you give us your signature and tell your friends, we will do the rest.

Help us build The New Sports Economy and bring new opportunity and excitement to sports fans everywhere!

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Sports Leagues, Sports Industry and Government Regulators
I want to trade sports financial contracts on the world's regulated financial markets to bring Wall Street to Main Street, create 100,000 new jobs and help rebuild the American Dream!