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Petitioning Mayor Alvin Brown and the Jacksonville City Council

Bring Uber to Jacksonville! Support Bill #554.


Tomorrow, the Jacksonville City Council will have the opportunity to change antiquated regulations that prevent Jacksonville from getting timely and affordable rides through services like Uber: Current law says you have to pay for a full hour, even if the trip takes ten minutes, and makes you wait thirty minutes to get in the car! 

Ask the Mayor and City Council to bring innovation, safety, and consumer choice to Jacksonville! 

Letter to
Mayor Alvin Brown and the Jacksonville City Council
We live, play, and travel in Jacksonville, and we’re asking you to bring new transportation options to our great city. Bill #554—sponsored by Councilman Stephen Joost—would modernize antiquated rules that keep us from getting speedy, reliable, and classy transportation through modern digital dispatch services. A great and diverse (and big!) city like Jacksonville needs a variety of transportation options. Please support Bill #554.

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