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TS Entertainment: Give B.A.P more rest and freedom with a 2 - 3 break in between shows

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Recently TS Entertainment released the tour dates of B.A.P's concerts for this year.

Here you can see the dates of the concerts in Europe that have been released on 10th of February;
May 3rd, 2017: Paris, Le Zenith
May 5th, 2017: Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle
May 6th, 2017: Warsaw, Progresja
May 7th, 2017: Budapest, Barba Track
May 9th, 2017: Moscow, Yota Space
You can see that there is no break in between Frankfurt, Warsaw and Budapest. Between Paris and Frankfurt there is a 1 day break and between Budapest and Moscow as well.

The pre-ticket sale for these dates already will start on February 15th. 
BABYs who would like to go can't scrape such a big amount of money together in a short time span.


A lot of BABYs voiced out their concern about the boys not getting enough rest in between the shows and their well being. Also the fact that there hasn't been enough focus on the BABYs in South Korea.
Not only does B.A.P not get enough rest in between shows when promoting in South Korea but also during their tours, and that shows with the dates above for their shows in Europe.

There also have been BABYs whom voiced out their thoughts about boycotting the concert. But I personally believe that is not a good idea, this might hurt B.A.P's feelings and it can have a big impact on their career.


But I do agree that we have to do something!
How much more will B.A.P have to be treated like this and suffer?
Many of us are afraid that what happened in 2014 may occur again and we don't want that to happen.

If you feel powerless but want to do something;
Please sign this petition so that we can reach TS Entertainment and B.A.P!
We can't stop the concert from happening BUT we do want to bring awareness to TS ENtertainment for them to treat B.A.P better!
This can be fulfilled in many ways for example; give the boys a 2 - 3 day break in between their shows whether that is on tour or on promoting their album in South Korea. That way there is enough room to rest, recharge and get ready for the next show.


Dear fellow BABYs, please share this as much as you can on your social media, other platforms and with your friends! 
Thank you so much for participating and sharing, BABYs... let's unite!

- N


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- N & P

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