Bring The Family International (aka The Children of God) and Karen Zerby to Justice

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There were thousands of children born into The Children of God aka The Family International. It is a cult in which a significant number of children were sexually, physically and psychologically abused from birth, until adulthood, resulting in over 100 suicides and countless lives destroyed.

We have been fighting for years to get the attention of authorities worldwide. Ex-members regularly speak out in the media and the cult is often featured in the news, listed as one of the worst cults in history. The follow up? Nothing!

We are used and abused time and time again by tabloids and other parties, who are only interested in using our traumatic childhoods as sensational stories to attract readers or to further their own agenda. The follow up? Nothing!

Evidence of the abuse that thousands of us have suffered has been available online for many years The follow up? Nothing!

I recently exposed one of the cult’s primary child abusers, Sara Kelley, having received information that she was working with vulnerable children in Costa Rica using a fake identity. The follow up? Nothing!

I found the identity of my own abuser a couple of months ago. This is a man who violated me on multiple occasions when I was a 4 year old girl. I have tried several avenues to report him, in his foreign country and in the one I reside in. The follow up? Nothing!

I’ve been told the lack of action on the part of authorities is due to the fact that the statute of limitations has expired for most cases, along with jurisdictional issues, as most of the crimes in question were committed abroad. That doesn’t seem to stop authorities from working together internationally to prosecute terrorists or other prolific criminals, even when dealing with cold crimes, does it? So tell me, why is that an issue for us?

Statute of Limitations: There should NEVER be a time limit for prosecution relating to crimes committed against children. We were brainwashed FROM BIRTH and many of us lived in complete isolation from society for the entirety of our childhood.

Even as young adults escaping the cult, we had no idea what our rights were and it took most of us over a decade to realise the enormity of what we had been through, let alone deal with the difficulties of facing life in an alien society with no support, education or finances. When your primary focus in life is scraping together enough money to feed yourself (and many left with children in tow) you are unlikely to even contemplate seeking justice. That comes later, when you finally have a second to breathe and are told ‘Hey, you're too late! You should have popped in x years ago!’

Jurisdictional Issues: It is true that some of us, myself included, were abused in foreign countries, by foreign nationals, which makes our personal quest for justice almost impossible - but let’s focus on the U.S. for a moment.

This cult was founded in the U.S. Its current leader, Karen Zerby (who is also a known abuser) is a U.S. national, as is Sara Kelley. These two women directly abused, and allowed others to abuse, their own children: Ricky Rodriguez and Davida Kelley. These crimes were documented in a detailed diary, ‘The Story of Davidito’ - which was distributed across cult communes worldwide, encouraging likeminded paedophiles to abuse other children.

Ricky Rodriguez went on to commit a murder / suicide on U.S. soil (his murder victim was one of his mother’s close associates, also a U.S. citizen) and left behind a self-recorded video in which he speaks of the abuse that took place in the cult. Davida Kelley, and others, corroborated his account and spoke about the childhood abuse that they were subjected to, in the following documentary

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that all the crimes in this tragic story are centred around U.S. citizens, cumulating with a crime on U.S. soil, which was directly caused by past abuse, amply documented online and corroborated by multiple victims and witnesses. And yet...


The FBI and Interpol have done nothing but gather a load of case files about this horrific cult and its abusers. Had there been an arrest warrant out against them, Sara Kelley would have been arrested as she fled Costa Rica. I contacted the FBI to report her whereabouts and I have received no reply to date. I contacted international justice organisations and have received no response. The entire exposure was hushed up within a matter of weeks by all involved.

An UPROAR is needed and the change needs to start in the U.S.

THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL CULT IN WHICH ACTS OF CHILD IMPRISONMENT, CHILD TRAFFICKING AND CHILD SEX SLAVERY took place WORLDWIDE... let alone other crimes, such as severe emotional, physical and educational abuse. Many ex-members live with PTSD and struggle to get through life after leaving.

We have a foundation that helps. Please donate if you can.

We will NEVER be silenced and we will NEVER let the world forget the horrors that we endured.

There are many ex-Children of God abusers out there who raped, beat and tormented children for decades. They are living a comfortable, free life and they have no fear of the law catching up with them.

Authorities worldwide have failed us.

Justice systems worldwide have failed us.

We are nothing but a sensational story to harp on about again and again. It’s horrific, being used as puppets in a show that ends with suicides. It's not a joke. We must STOP THIS NONSENSE! We are tired of being used incessantly by the media with no outcome. Karen Zerby must be brought to justice along with her sidekicks, including Sara Kelley and all others who abused and / or promoted rampant abuse. INTERPOL and the FBI must kickstart an investigation - or are we not worth it? Thousands of children, rendered nameless and voiceless because we are just another sensational story. 

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