Bring the Brers from Disney's Song of the South back to the Disney Parks!

Bring the Brers from Disney's Song of the South back to the Disney Parks!

June 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Cassidy Dixson

Hello there! Thank you for coming to my petition! My name is Cassidy Dixson.

I am a young black woman from Texas and this is my petition to bring the characters from Disney's 1946 animation/live-action hybrid movie "Song of the South" (Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox, Br'er bear, Uncle Remus, etc.) back to all the Disney theme parks and resorts around the world.

The reason why I started this petition was that as of April 2022, I was reading online that traditional character meet-and-greets were returning to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Which meant people would go back to having physical interactions with the characters again.

But there is just one problem though...where are the Br'ers!? Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox, and Br'er Bear would often make appearances for Meet-and-Greets, parades, shows, and special events at the Disney Parks.

Uncle Remus and a few other Splash Mountain critters also have appeared in a few parades in the past.

The Br'ers have been mainstays and guest favorites at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris since they first opened in 1955, 1971, 1983, and 1992 respectively. The Br'ers can even be seen with the other characters on the opening day festivities of the latter 3 parks. Now the Br'ers have been absent from the parks since before the pandemic! (2019.)

I never even got a chance to meet the Br'ers when I went to Walt Disney World in 2015 and now they are trying to take them away from not only me but from all the other park-goers who have gone to the Disney parks every single day just to have many magical experiences with their favorite Disney characters.

Something that would absolutely kill me is having to go to a Disney park and not being able to meet the Br'ers when I never got the chance to meet them at all or even for the first time and now I would have to live with that regret for the rest of my natural-born life....that is a nightmare I wish not come true me or for any other Disney fan who loved them as much as I do.

Isn't it even more Insane that Disney makes its money by giving people what they want? Nostalgia! All of us fans and park guests give them the money to have us do what we want and what we want to see! Isn't that what Disney is all about? Making magical memories and keeping the guests happy making sure they never forget their first experience or the next time they go to the parks and this is what they do? How messed up is this? They take something away from us that we so dearly love yet don't do the same for other Disney fans simply because of their ignorance of how Song of the South is relevant to African-American culture and American history in general. Not even educating people about the importance of the people in that movie and using some black Disney princess who they never even pay that much attention to appease the woke and some people who actually could be racists in real life? ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW DISNEY?

I never even knew the Br'er characters were at Disney's Animal Kingdom until after I left Walt Disney World, this isn't fair to me or any other Disney fans like me who love these characters as much as we love the ORIGINAL and GENUINE Splash Mountain!

The Br'ers are part of the Disney family and have been since even before Splash Mountain, they were there on the opening day of Walt Disney World, their very first attraction was the Mickey Mouse Revue which opened the day Walt Disney World opened, and even Walt Disney HIMSELF recognized how important these characters were and the people currently in charge at Disney are disrespecting his legacy, it's not even about ethics any more and what's best for the guests now it's purely about MONEY which is disgusting.

Walt Disney talked about how the Br'er Rabbit character has made a huge impact on American culture and how people from all walks of life, young and old, have loved and learned so much from the Uncle Remus stories. If anyone would like to know where I got this information from watched an episode of the Disneyland TV series titled "A Tribute to Joel Chandler Harris'' which aired in 1959.

Please sign this petition to get all the Disney parks and resorts to bring back the "Song of the South" characters so that those wonderful, timeless, and genuinely inclusive characters can be free for all generations of people to enjoy again! Thank you!

and have a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah-Day!



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Signatures: 620Next Goal: 1,000
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