Rust Legacy - Bring it back to Steam

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When I was 13 years old I was told by a friend in school of a game recently released called Rust. After watching a few clips I decided to scrape up $20 and buy the game. Little did I know that I was about to hop into one of the greatest games I would ever play, which created long-lasting friendships and memories that to this day I still look back on.

The news that legacy would be taken away was devastating. See when one talks about a game that got them through their childhood it's usually the likes of Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, etc. Games that one can easily return to. The fans of Legacy can't fulfill that nostalgia.

The new Rust felt like an impostor of the original, an attempt to cover up something so great that never got the proper attention it deserved. Yes, Legacy had anti-cheat problems, but it still had a massive following even despite that issue. Why spit in the face of the thousands of fans who spent $20 on what they were advertised, an arcade like survival game.

Below are some reasons as to why the new Rust is simply not the good old Legacy that thousands fell in love with.

- The arcade survival type feeling you got from Legacy is gone. I'm talking about how in the new Rust it usually revolves around 90% gathering 10% fighting. You can spend hours upon hours gathering to get caught off guard in a minute-long firefight. Whereas Legacy had an entirely opposite approach, allowing for more fun firefights and ultimately creating a greater experience with more memories.

- Knowing the map. In Legacy, no one ever complained of the repetition of the same map as it was considered skill to know exactly where you are. Knowing the layout of locations took time and effort, which would ultimately be of great benefit. Not to mention the memories of fighting in Hangar, Split Rad and even all the way to Hacker Valley.

- When the original players purchased the game we bought it for Legacy, in fact thousands of players bought the game for what it originally was. It was fun, pretty much arcade-like, the map was loving, the guns were great to use and every area had their own unique feel to them. Deleting it off Steam was a spit in the face to the thousands of fans that loved the game for what it was. Making Legacy its very own standalone game would keep the current fans of the new Rust happy and bring back thousands of old players. Watch an old Legacy video on YouTube and find dozens of comments from recent, of fans desperately seeking that Legacy nostalgia. 

- The sense of luck is gone. The feeling of running into split-rad and finding an M4 or any gun was amazing, coming back to base with your first weapon made for a great sense of achievement. 

- Massive groups. The size of "clans" that roam the servers of the new Rust completely crush any sort of excitement a new player to Rust may have for the game. What's the point in playing if you have a group of 20-30 guys just up the hill who shoot on sight? A large group of 10+ in Legacy could easily be countered by 3-4 skilled players.

- The gun dynamics. Legacy firefights were instant registration when a bullet hit your target, making for faster-paced adrenaline rushed fighting. It had a sort of Counter Strike feel to it, that further added to that arcade like approach.

This is for a game we all loved. A game that didn't die out due to diminishing numbers, but was scrapped for something that felt so disconnected to the original. Rust Legacy could easily be its own standalone game with the fan base it had. Sign this petition to show Garry and Facepunch that it deserves to be back, for the memories, for those long weekends of constant firefights and raiding, when survival games had real passion in them...