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Bring Police K9 Chip Home to his Family

10/26/15 - UPDATE - Chip has been located and tonight was reunited with Gil and his family - NO THANKS to county executive Isiah Leggett and police chief Tom Manger who did nothing to help us (ignoring more than 229,000 people who wanted answers).  Check out the K-9 Chip Facebook page for more details.  Stay tuned to this story as we work to uncover facts.

Officer Gil Fones is a 27-year veteran of the Montgomery County Police Department, having spent the past 20 years as a K-9 handler and trainer. Recently, his K-9 partner Chip was taken away from him without explanation. Initially, Gil was told that Chip was going to be retired and that he would be able to adopt him and keep him as a pet -- a standard practice for retired K‑9's. But then suddenly, Officer Fones was informed that he could not adopt Chip and that the department was either going to euthanize Chip or move him to a location outside the county.

We are retired coworkers and friends of Officer Gil Fones. We started this petition to help bring Chip back home to his family. We were all K‑9 handlers ourselves and nationally certified K‑9 trainers with decades of experience, and we have never seen a handler and his partner separated like this or treated in this manner.

Officer Fones and his family deserve answers. It is time for the Montgomery County Police to disclose the whereabouts of Chip and allow him to return to the Fones family.

As you can imagine, there have been plenty of guesses as to why this happened. The only incident involving Chip that Gil can think of was during a recertification exercise -- Gil sustained a bite from Chip. It was minor; nothing that required follow-up treatment. Almost all K‑9 handlers have had similar minor incidents involving their own partner. This event took place 5 weeks before the dog was seized, and both Gil and Chip were allowed to work their normal shifts afterwards.

Gil has been an outstanding member of the community and the K-9 unit. Besides his 27 years of service to the Montgomery County Police Department, Gil served in the United States Air Force Presidential Support Unit under President Ronald Reagan from March 1982 to October 1986. A person of such distinction deserves the truth, and he deserves to have his partner Chip back.

Please sign our petition to help reunite the Fones family with Chip.




K9 Officer Bo Curry (Retired)

K9 Officer John Binnix (Retired)

K9 Officer Tim Carroll (Retired)

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