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Bring Kohi Back.

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Kohi holds a special place in all of our hearts. The server that prplz owned when it was given away, has been away for a very long time. Prplz understands that his decision to merge with Badlion was not in the best interest of the community. The vast majority of Kohi's playerbase resisted the merge and as a result, all of the Kohi-related servers on the Badlion network soon died with cubecore and vault battles (both dead) being the last surviving memory of the Kohi network. The Kohi community soon split into many new hcf servers and is now fragmented and broken. With Minehq gone and no server uniting the community how Kohi did, the Potpvp community is at a dangerous place and needs a savior. This savior is the return of Kohi. All prplz needs is the server files to appoint a new owner and make the server exactly how it was when it was taken away from us. He has lost the rights to these files as they are now owned by Badlion and this is a petition for the Badlion network's owners to give back what was merged with them so long ago and give the community that rejected their server its server back. Nobody who played Kohi has stayed on Badlion and Badlion has almost gotten rid of every trace of Kohi from their network. To give back the property that once belonged to Kohi network would mean little to nothing for the owners of Badlion and would mean so much to the people who spent days playing on Kohi. Please, Archybot and Master Gberry, recognize that the Potpvp community has not merged and instead has been broken by the attempted merge of the two networks and please give back what once belonged to the Potpvp hub, Kohi, so maybe one day the Potpvp community can return to its united state and not be threatened by greedy server owners or rundown sketchy servers that harvest ips.


the Potpvp community.

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