Bring Howard the War Hero Home


Bring Howard the War Hero Home

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Howard the Hero once fought and served his country on foreign soil to ensure us Americans have he lives out his life on American soil on the end of a chain or in a tiny kennel muzzled. But he does not have to, his handler is desperate to get him back and has searched for years. 

What joy he must of felt when he tracked his beloved Howard down...and what horror when he saw the truth. 

Here is the handler's story. Please share this petition and let's bring this American hero home: 


I just wanted to post an overview of this sad story thus far...

My name is Alexander Reimer, I'm an Army Veteran, who is looking for some assistance. While in the service I deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 with a companion, name Howard. Howard is a Pit bull, and the 1st Pit bull to be a certified military working dog. Howard and I actually had a couple articles done on us while overseas, and you can find a lot of information on us from various other sources.

I am now a veteran dealing with PTSD among many other things, and am considered 80% disabled through the VA. I got out of the service in 2013 and handed Howard off to be loved and used by another handler. I was Howard's 1st handler having him since he was 9 months old. He was actually a rescue dog to begin with, and was rescued out of the Howard County Pound out of Indiana, hence his name "Howard". Howard and I have been through so much together and I owe that dog my life. I wear his patch on hat and back pack as much as I can in honor of my brother.

So now for the story and assistance I could use... After I handed Howard off back in 2013, he immediately went back on deployment to Afghanistan with the other handler. To only come back from that and be tossed to someone else. This is where I lost track of where he was. Now present day, I finally found Howard under the ownership of a local Taylortown Police Officer by the name of Deon Fuller and his girlfriend/wife Katrinda Pettiford. So I reached out to Katrinda via Facebook, she accepted a friend request and I quickly was aware that she knew exactly who I was, and Howard’s and my past together. She had stolen picture from my Facebook and or the photographer who had followed me around while we were severing overseas. So I reached out to her via Facebook message and enlighten her on our story and asked if there was any way I could see Howard… I never heard back after multiple messages which was very sad. Well after further investigation on Katrinda’s Facebook page I found the pictures you have seen on this page of how Howard was being tied up to trees with nothing around him. Not how a war dog/veteran should be living out his life!! Something had to be done!

Well I actually had a friend who was down in the area go knock on the door to be let in and find Howard in a kennel, while Katrinda was home. The home is in bad shape, and Howard was locked up in this kennel with no blanket, food, water or anything. He also had kennel rash, missing hair on his elbows in poor shape and obviously neglected. My friend had snapped some photos that you have seen of his tattoo number and him locked in the kennel with nothing. Since finding out all of this, Deon has been contacted and offered money to put Howard back with me in a home where he will be loved and spoiled and well taken care of. Deon responded to our offer and pretty much has told me and many others such as Mission K9 Rescue and Operation Releash (non-profit organizations), tough luck and he is providing another type of service now (Therapy Dog), which by the pictures you can see that Howard is not providing this man any type of service and instead is being neglected and not living out a life as a war hero or any dog for that fact should.

Again all of these sad pictures of Howard on this page were either taken by Katrinda, Deon, or her kids, and were found and or taken while I was searching for my battle buddy, my brother who I owe my life to. Howard should be taken out of this family’s home and put with his rightful owner, who will love, cherish, and treat him how any veteran should be treated, or any dog for that fact.

Howard was adopted to this family incorrectly, and I should have been notified once Howard was up for retirement as I was his first handler. And since this family is mistreating him and he is not a service dog for Law enforcement Howard should be rightfully mine and should have been in the first place.
(According to H.R.5314/Robby’s Law passed in 2000, Military Working Dogs Adoption process, the unwritten code of a working dog handler, and many other sources)

The veteran community, Mission K9 Rescue, and Operation Releash and many others have been helpful spreading the word of this very sad situation and are asking for more help. We have created this Facebook page for Howard return home from this disgusting situation and are looking for any support that can lend us some assistance! It would be much appreciated!! Feel free to reach out to me, Mission K9 Rescue or Operation Releash!

Thanks For The Support!
Veteran Alexander Reimer


This petition made change with 38,204 supporters!

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