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My family is being torn apart by Immigration "processing" or "stalling." I am a 27-year old woman from Texas with a 2 year old daughter. I have been trying to immigrate my husband from Algeria for 3 1/2 years. Standard processing is 90 days from the interview date and it has been a year so far for us.The government's only response to us is "still processing." Please help end the extended delay and bring my husband home!

The government fights against fraudulent marriages and illegal immigration constantly, but here I stand trying to bring my husband home through legal channels and my case is being pushed aside. Not once in the 3 1/2 years has anyone from the government contacted me to ask about our relationship together. They don't care that we are a real family. They are discriminating against him because he is from Algeria. I am on my second immigration attorney and now even he wont return my calls. All I want is for my husband to come home!

The Department of State says “the immigrant visa application of Mr. Hassani is still undergoing administrative processing in order to verify his qualifications for this visa.” Of course my husband qualifies for an immigrant visa, we are as real as it gets! I have an I-130 Petition for Immigration Approval dated December 3, 2009. It was approved over 2 years ago! Since then we have continued our marriage, birthed a daughter, and lost our second child together. We are a real family that is being torn apart by legal “processing.”

 Please add your support! Thank you!

Letter to
Department of State, Visa Services
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Department of State, Visa Services.

Bring home husband and father Tarik Hassani Case # ALG2010721003-----

I support the immigration of Tarik Hassani, husband to 27-year old Melissa Hassani from Texas and father of 2 year old daughter Sadia Hassani. The extended delay in his case is causing undue hardship on his family. Reunite husband and wife and father with daughter. Bring Tarik Hassani home!