Bring Forza Horizon 2 To PC

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Bring Forza Horizon 2 To PC

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Phil Spencer claims there isn't the demand for games like Forza on PC. I strongly believe that opinion is uninformed. By signing this petition, we're encouraging Microsoft to port Forza Horizon 2 to PC (and bring more games to PCs in general).

Did you know it only took a 4 man team one month to port Forza 5 to PC?As of September 22nd, 2014 Steam has more than 100 million active users. Releasing Forza Horizon 2 on Steam would reach a massive audience.

If Microsoft doesn't wish to release Forza Horizon 2 on Steam, this would be a perfect opportunity to release it on their app store as a cross-buy title. Those that already own it on Xbox One would receive a PC copy, and those that buy it on PC would receive both a PC and Xbox One copy. This would get more people invested into their app store ecosystem and benefit those that already have a copy so they don't feel bad about losing exclusivity.

Another option would be Microsoft releasing it on Steam AND their app store, but only having it be a cross-buy title on their app store. In doing so they would reach the largest possible audience.

The only reason I can see for not porting it would be exclusivity. However, Microsoft owns the Windows operating system and the Xbox division. This would encourage Windows operating system sales and strengthen Forza Horizons branding.

If Forza Horizon 2 is financially successful, I would like to see many more games ported to PC. I would like to politely request that you aim for games (including Forza Horizon 2) to run at 1080P 60 FPS. By doing so, you're reaching a core PC gamer audience known as PCMasterRace. PCMasterRace is a large PC gaming community that currently has 341 940 users at the time of posting. However, I would rather see a 30 FPS port than no port.

When this petition receives 1000 signatures I will attempt to meet up with Phil Spencer (I'll travel at my own expense if an appointment is arranged) to interview him about Microsoft's future of PC Gaming.

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