Bring down #PitBullDropoff Movement Contributors

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There is a sick group of people bragging/trolling on Twitter that they are rounding up pitbulls (strays, finding them on websites such as Craigslist that are looking for furever homes and even taking them from homes) just to take them to kill shelters to have them euthanized simply because he dislikes the breed. This is murder and falls under the federal felony of animal abuse.

Pitbulls as well as families are being gravely hurt by these actions because of the people that are now coming out of the woodwork either thinking it is real or using it as a way to act on things they already wanted to do and were just waiting for someone else to say it out loud. They are taking them to the shelters under false pretenses of the animal's actions and temperament in order to get them euthanized quicker rather than even going through the shelter for possible adoption because their full intent is to kill all pitbulls under the mentality that he is saving their community and neighborhood by doing so. It has even gone so far that instead of bothering with the red tape at a known kill shelter, they are just killing them themselves.

Cases such as one in Mason, Ohio where a note was left and a female pitbull by the name of Abbie (not disclosing owner's names for safety and because it is an ongoing investigation) was murdered with the note stating that it was for the movement and to save children. After the police reviewed the neighbor's security camera footage from Tuesday, May 15th, the car pulling into their driveway and committing the act was recognized as her own brother who used the movement as a way to cover up the fact that he just didn't like her dog. 

There are disillusioned narcissistic murderers out there that will take this movement as a way to genocide a breed that they feel should not exist for whatever reason of which none of them are logical or sane. And under the cover of this movement, will get away with it. Twitter is doing nothing to prevent what was started as a troll for attention (which is disgusting in the first place) from turning into reality for more families and their furbabies and ALL media outlets have called it a hoax from the moment in went viral with no real investigation as most of them just reference Snopes which is as dependable as a paper bag in the pouring down rain. They of course can't retract their reports of the hoax or report on the real cases that are resulting from the movement because the egg on their narcissistic faces would be just too much to bare. Their non-action speaks volumes and it is saying to the world that they condone this type of behavior and support the movement. By doing nothing, they are just as sick as the contributors. They need to be held accountable! No social media outlet should allow the promotion of violence, murder, suicide or harm to ANY creature that roams this Earth.