Bring Dewey Riley back to life #JusticeForDeweyAndWesCravenLegacy

Bring Dewey Riley back to life #JusticeForDeweyAndWesCravenLegacy

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Why this petition matters

Dear Radio Silence, Paramount, Spyglass and whoever else it may concern, 

Scream (2022) was clearly made with plenty love from Scream fans to fans. There was a very enjoyable movie, with such nostalgia factor that included a lot of references from the original Scream which became beloved into the “Scream universe” after fifth five years.

However, one of the things that got fans the most excited was the prospect of seeing our golden trio Sidney Prescott, Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers again. When Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox had all signed on to be in the new movie, our excitement was multiplied and we know we could trust on your team. For two decades these characters has been with us and we have a bond with them. We kept following the whole merchandising over the golden trio and Wes Craven’s legacy. In January, we lined up in our movie theaters hours before the movie started to see again after one decade our beloved trio again. But towards the middle of the movie, Dewey Riley died.

Sometimes in horror movies, beloved characters has to die and we understand why this storytelling decision was made. However, on Wes Craven’s Scream it was certainly different. The fact that our trio was alive during two decades and half was one of the things that differentiated Scream from other horror franchises. We understand that Wes Craven’s work is now over, your team are now starting your own storytelling without focusing it on Sidney Prescott and creating your own legacy. We accept that and what Scream is becoming with the new team, but we were promised that the legacy of Wes Craven would be honored and above all respected. It was a movie for Wes and everything that he built for two decades was ended with it by bringing a lovable character, not fully bringing redemption to him and ending his arc with death.

We have the knowledge that the three cast members Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette accepted the roles without being told that one of the characters would be cut from the plot. We are also aware that the two actresses and studio asked to shoot a version of Dewey staying alive which was snubbed by the directors. It's also known to us that the three actors aren't sure if this was the right way to go. They have played these characters for two decades and half, these roles were important to them and the characters were important to us! Neve Campbell already told she wouldn’t come back if the new team decided kill Sidney off and she saying this out of nowhere speaks for itself.

Dewey was one of the three main survivors in the original quadrilogy, people sometimes talk about Randy but Randy was alive for two years, Dewey was alive for 25 years, it’s completely different. Dewey came back different, stronger and smarter, finally got his highlight and his cool moment… But got robbed from it. Killed in anyway with a distraction, with Gale being one of the elements that caused his death. The last time we saw him ten years ago, he and Gale were married and Scream (2022) took away their happy ending and added Gale as being one of the causes he got distracted and died. It also took away his development and moment of being badass, thing that he never truly had. When we thought he was gonna have it, he got robbed. We got robbed. David Arquette got robbed. We’re sure the actors trusted your team as we did and then that happened. Our three survivors didn’t even had a scene together.

That’s why we are petitioning to bring Dewey Riley back to life in Scream 6 somehow. It would not be the first time a dead fan-favorite character in Scream has been brought back to life, since is now canon that Kirby is alive. We realize that it would be difficult to heal Dewey from the stabbing he had, but we also know that your team is creative and in Scream universe, people occasionally survive being burned alive - Amber Freeman - or even getting stabbed the same way Kirby was. For sure you guys can bring Dewey back in a plausible manner if applied your creativity. There was two men on that hospital. Dewey, Gale and Sidney deserve their happy ending back. Even tho Scream isn’t about Sidney anymore and your team is making your own legacy, Wes Craven deserve a last scene of the legacy trio he built and so does us fans.


The Scream fans.

502 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!