Bring Criminal & Misconduct charges against EX Inspector Charlie Cox of Lancashire Police

Bring Criminal & Misconduct charges against EX Inspector Charlie Cox of Lancashire Police

2 June 2016
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Steve Finnigan (Lancashire Police Chief Constable) and
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Started by Paul Ponting

UPDATE: 10/6/2017. Since this appeal, Charlie Cox has resigned from the police while under investigation.  He has been given a job in the public sector, working with School and Hospitals.  The company who employed him have been made aware of his past.  The company is Agilisys.

I thought I was going to die in that cell. 

I have the full CCTV of the horrific incident, these are only a few stills!  I was photographed from head to toe by a forensic photographer arranged by the hospital as they were astonished by my injuries by Police. 

Inspector Charlie Cox has intentionally and maliciously failed a victim of crime, ME.  The image is me being assaulted while having a suspected heart attack.

Inspector Charlie Cox has on numerous occasion perverted the course of justice by intentionally failing to properly investigate allegations of Police corruption and misconduct reported to him.

The link below is another example where Charlie Cox failed to investigate a "serious crime" as stated by the IPCC ( Cox decided that 'words of advice' was sufficient to DS Andy Langton for leaking the info about my children to an internet Troll who is a Police Informer. This has been validated by a criminal investigation by Cumbria Police. This is legally validated information.

Inspector Charlie Cox has many complaints against him, one specifically relates to me being maliciously arrested, pepper sprayed and later stripped naked, assaulted and almost killed by Police in a holding cell at Skelmersdale Police Station.  

I had done nothing wrong other than report a crime (see my other petition here), however, as the crime was against a Police Informer, the Police turned on me to try and discredit me to avoid their Police Informer being prosecuted.  They valued the information of a Police snitch more than my welfare.

During my unlawful Police detention, Police refused any medical attention.  I later suffered a suspected heart attack by Police brutality towards me.  The Police initially refused to call for an ambulance, telling me I was 'making it up'.  It turned out I had suffered actual heart damage by the ordeal after spending two days on the cardiac ward in Wigan Hospital.

I was unlawfully stripped naked by PS Stephen Eckersley and verbally insulted.  The strip was unlawfully authorised by Custody Sergeant Sigley.

Police refused to give my my clothes and instead threw some sort of suit on the dirty floor of the filthy cell which I had no intention of putting on over open wounds. I was locked in a filthy cell with dried blood and faeces (human shit) on the walls and floor!  I had had dozens of open wounds from the assault and was at serious risk of infection but police did not provide any duty of care. I asked for medical attention when I first arrived at the Police station, but was refused even though I had been pepper sprayed and had suffered breathing difficulties and severe pain in my eyes.  

While naked in the filthy cell, numerous female Police officers came to the cell window to laugh and taunt me.  The Police have refused to provide the CCTV of this from outside the cell to protect the officers, again, more concerned for anyone but me.

Prior to the ambulance eventually arriving (due to the Police delays), the Police obviously realised that the paramedics would ask questions about why I was naked and covered in untreated open wounds, so the Police then tried to cover themselves by trying to 'encourage' me to get dressed so they could say they were unaware of an injuries.  Why the sudden concern for me to be clothed after all, it was them that stripped me?

When I refused to dress due to the excruciating chest pain I was suffering, the Police officer violently threw an overall at my head. When first aid should be provided, assault was instead dished out.  

The overalls remained on my head until just before the paramedics arrived, the CCTV shows the Police officers moving them to hide what they had just done, paramedics would have no doubt asked:

  • WHY I was naked?
  • WHY I had overalls 'on my head'?
  • WHY I had untreated wounds?

Inspector Charlie Cox reviewed the footage and Police officers conduct and decided to take no further action against any Police officer.  

Inspector Charlie Cox has been the investigating officer for many resultant complaints made by me and my family since this incident and has blocked all investigations without interviewing witnesses.  

The IPCC intervened after an appeal and upheld this and enforced the Police to re-investigate crimes that Inspector Charlie Cox failed to investigate properly.  As an Inspector, Charlie Cox 'ought to know' how to undertake a basic investigation so it is reasonable to conclude his actions were intentional and were criminal.

PSD are now investigating our 3 years of hell after intervention by our Local MP, Rosie Cooper.  It is important that this is made public and Inspector Charlie Cox faces a criminal investigation and a Misconduct hearing.

I was acquitted of all MALICIOUS charges brought against me and I am now in the process of suing Lancashire Police, however, this is civil. I will not be happy until criminal and misconduct charges are brought against ALL officers involved.

 I accuse Inspector Charlie Cox of:

'Perverting the course of Justice' 
A serious crime that is indictable.

'Misconduct in Public Office' 
A serious crime that is indictable.

WHY wont the Police Investigate this?
WHY should I have to start a petition to get justice? 

Update: I have been told that Charlie Cox is 'unhappy' with this petition and 'may' take civil action against me for it..!   The facts within this petition are 100% accurate and true.  The photographs and CCTV conclusive, so can only assume this is a threat to make me stop campaigning for justice.

Charlie Cox should be suspended from duty pending the outcome of this investigation which he clearly FAILED in his duty as a Police Officer.


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This petition had 1,276 supporters

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