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Bring connor - camron and cody home. Stop froced adotion and seperating sibling"

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Stop forced adoption... ...BEWARE THE SEEMINGLY INNOCENT SECTION 20! Its a loophole used to get children into the system while duping parents into believing they are still in control. Its called an accommodation order supposedly needed to allow local authority to temperarily house of a child with foster carers but its not easy to get child back cos once you sign it you effectively say you agree with SS that you are a bad parent!!!Connor and camron and codys mum was taken advantage off from 2014 by a former nhs n/a whome she thought was a willing counciler. Turned her life upside down whilst carrying his child there mother struggled keeping this low from authorities which they did not like get she struggled threw pregnancy for all she had been promiced alot from this n/a yet authouritys persisted visits then once it come too birth they come in like vultures taking connor and camron from the outside family saying they wasn't meeting there needs stating connor and camron needed 100% well there mother have them that day in and out unconditional love but was overwhelmed with the upset and fear off them being with strangers after a 4week stay off blood transfusions she was out for assessments to get and bring them home even sighned her baby up for adoption with the father off the youngest being unethical and no support one year on and she is greiving still failed assessment for living her boys missing them in her arms some authorities have no heart 3foster placements in 8months is unfare so most off life is stated and lots off happy memmories / photos... abused by the system justice has done some... ❤❤❤ for this mothers love is unconditional feel free too add and share support forced adoptions & mothers suffering.

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