Bring Cap and Trade back to Ontario

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Carbon Emissions and air pollution are big problems surrounding not just Ontario, but Canada as a whole. In 2016, the Federal Government of Canada made a commitment to lower their greenhouse gases by 30% by 2020. But at our current rate, we won't make it. And the PC party of Ontario isn't helping by removing the "Cap and Trade" program. The program taxes the amount of greenhouse gasses enterprises let into the air, so the more, harmful, greenhouse gasses an enterprise releases, the more they have to pay to the government. The "Cap and Trade" program was successful at lowering the greenhouse gasses made by large enterprises. However with the removal of it, Canada will begin falling even further behind their reductions that the Federal Government agreed to. We believe that the Cap and Trade program is very important to those reduction levels that we wanted to get to, so we believe it needs to return, for the better of Ontario, and Canada as a whole.