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Bring Call Center Jobs Back Home

Despite soaring unemployment rates, American companies continue to outsource jobs overseas.

Call center jobs are among those most commonly sent offshore. Think about it: When you dial for customer service, do you ever really know where the operator is located?

That can all change with the passage of the United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act. Congress is considering this crucial legislation that would protect U.S. workers and consumers in three ways:

>>Denying taxpayer cash to off-shorers, by creating a bad actor list that would stop companies that ship jobs abroad from getting Federal loans and grants and send them to the back of the line for government contracts.

 >>Giving you the right to know, by requiring call center agents to tell you where they are located.

 >>Giving you the right to transfer to a US operator, so that when you don't want a foreign call center, you will be transferred to a US-based operator.

Help bring call center jobs back home -- sign this petition urging Congress to pass the United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act.



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