Urge your Federal Delegation to reinstate the U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps

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Urge your Federal Delegation to reinstate the U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps

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Jay Alexander started this petition to President Barack Obama and

 In broad terms, I assert that modern society, acting through its government, owes the definite obligation to prevent the starvation or dire want of any of its fellow men and women who try to maintain themselves, but cannot.  



EMPLOYMENT & JOB CREATION is the number one concern of AMERICANS!

Many American Citizens are one paycheck away from being HOMELESS!

Today's youth are struggling and many are leading lives of quiet desperation - we may be losing this generation!

 America NEEDS the 21st Century CCC  - NOW MORE THAN EVER!   

"I want generations that follow to see that we used this moment to encourage a 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC) for our young people." President Obama's address at the 160th Anniversary of the Department of the Interior on March 3, 2009  


 The  most popular government programs in American History was Franklin D. Roosevelt's own initiative was the US Civilian COnservation Corps (CCC).  

"I propose to create a civilian conservation corps to be used in forestry, the prevention of soil erosion, flood control and similar projects . . . 

More important, however, than the material gains from their labors will be the moral and spiritual value of such work." 

FDR's written message to the Emergency Session of the 73rd Congress on March 21, 1933


President Roosevelt brought together two wasted resources -- young men and land with the establishment of the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1933.   The 20th Century CCC recruited only single young men (The 21st century CCC now would enroll women!) and single or married WW1 War Veterans for work on conservation projects in national, state, municipal parks, forests and waterways.  They lived in barracks, on site, in camps similar to those of the military used in the field.

As FDR said, " We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build them for the future!"

The CCC demonstrated that there was absolutely no conflict between the preservation of the environment and the creation of jobs! It was the most successful federal work program in history, and the government's most lasting environmental effort as well. 

The CCC was a very worthwhile project not only for the good of the country but also for the lasting benefit it provided for the men involved, who would have otherwise have been unemployed during our worst depression.


These proven jobs programs are needed now!


Currently there is the CCC bill in Congress (HR 188) that will be established to provide for the creation of jobs.

HR 188 - the 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps Act sponsored by Marcy Kaptur OH-9.



For more information: http://www.wecantakeit.org/id58.html

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