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Bring Back the “Twilight” Wolves

Wolves could soon be making a return to Washington state, including the Olympic National Park peninsula... and not just on the silver screen.

Wolves play a big part in the new movie Twilight: New Moon©, but these magnificent animals have played an even bigger role on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, the real-world setting of the Twilight© movies and books.

Tragically, the extensive wolf extermination campaigns of the late 1800s eliminated these animals from the Pacific Northwest landscape -- tearing a gaping hole in the natural balance and cultural tapestry that makes Washington so special. Now wolves are beginning to return to Washington, and state officials are considering how to best manage them.

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Letter to
Governor Jay Inslee
I strongly support efforts to fully restore wolves to Washington State.

It is heartbreaking that the Emerald State has been deprived of wolves since the extensive wolf extermination campaigns of the late 1800s eliminated these magnificent animals from Washington, and I was very happy to learn that two packs have made their way back to eastern Washington.

These packs -- and the wolves that may someday follow -- represent a golden opportunity for Washington leaders like you to fully restore wolves to their rightful place in the beautiful wild spaces of Washington, including the coastal range.

Historically, wolves have not only played an important role in balancing ecosystems in Washington. They also figure prominently in Washington's rich cultural heritage, particularly in the creation stories of the Quileute Native American tribe of coastal Washington.

As the state considers the fate of wolves in Washington, I strongly urge you to recognize the important value -- and potential tourism dollars from wolf enthusiasts like me -- that wolf restoration efforts could bring to the state of Washington.

Thank you for considering my comments.

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