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Bring Back the TV Show Kyle XY

I watched this show from the beginning and felt it had a great story line. A lot of shows will take me a few episodes to get into it, but not Kyle XY. From the start I was fully into it. All three seasons are available on Neflix Instant Streaming. I watched all three seasons in under 2 weeks. I loved the show. It had a great mix of family drama that most of us could relate to at one point of our lives and Sci-Fi. I felt the writers and directors did such a wonderful job to keep the viewers guessing. When they chose to end the show after it's third season, they did a horrible job at ending the story. They never ended anything, there was no resolution to the main story nor did they give you any closure. I am starting this petition in an effort to get either ABC Family or ABC to do something about this. I hope if we get enough support which I believe is out there, that maybe they will either restart the series and continue the story or at the very least, make a mini series to finish the story and give every viewer that has put time into watching every episode, the closure they deserve. Please help me bring back Kyle XY.

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