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Letter to
State Representative David Scribner (State Representative)
Representative Elizabeth Esty
State Representative John Frey
and 19 others
State Representative Robert Godfrey
State Representative Roberta Willis
State Representative Mitch Bolinsky
State Representative Gail Lavielle
State Representative Daniel Carter
State Representative Paul Mark
State Representative Richard Smith
State Representative William Pignatelli
State Representative David Arconti
Representative Richard Neal
State Senator Clark Chapin
Senator Elizabeth Warren
State Representative Debralee Hovey
State Representative Craig Miner
State Representative Diana Urban
State Representative Arthur O Neill
Governor Dannel Malloy
Senator Edward Markey
State Senator Benjamin Downing
After the leadership and vision shown by Governor Deval Patrick and the MA Department of Transportation in making a major investment in rail service between Pittsfield, MA, and New York City a reality, I urge you to support continued investment by both Massachusetts and Connecticut and to make the project a key economic development measure. Please do all you can to make this happen quickly.
Restore passenger train service to NW Connecticut and the Berkshires: 21st-century public transportation makes sustainable economic development possible even in rural regions like northwestern Connecticut. Businesses offering professional jobs will be far more likely to relocate when there is easy access to New York, and existing businesses, schools, and organizations will thrive.

For all these reasons and others I have added in my comments, I encourage you to support Housatonic Corridor rail restoration in cooperation with Massachusetts, whose commitment has been shown by recent decisions to invest nearly $50 million in the project.

I am forwarding this petition to my friends, family, and colleagues!

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