Bring back the right to buy your council home in Scotland

Bring back the right to buy your council home in Scotland

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Why this petition matters

Started by Lisa Elliott

Introduced in the Housing Act 1987, Right to Buy allowed council tenants to buy their homes from the state, opening the door to ownership for those who could never otherwise have hoped to get on the housing ladder

In 2016, the SNP government removed this right to Scotland residents. This right is still available in the rest of the UK. 

I am overjoyed that working class people are still entitled to buy the home they have lived in for many years under a UK government. What saddens me is - this right was taken away in Scotland. Now, of course, I understand the sentiment, much social housing was sold, and the local councils did NOT reinvest this money in new housing assets. The issue here is - the people are being punished for the work of negligent officials.

I today, read the SNP view on social housing, and why the decision was made to close this policy. I will admit, I laughed! The fact that there is now so many other options (apparently) for people to get on the housing ladder that the right to buy is no longer necessary.

Ok, so let’s consider the facts. Yes, a new build property entitles people to government help, on the basis, they can provide a 5% deposit. So, a working family who need 4 bedrooms would be looking to pay £335,000 for a new build 4 bedroom property. So, I would like you to consider honestly, how can you see a normal family being able to afford to save £17,000 plus solicitor and moving fees whilst maintaining regular payments of bills, rents, childcare etc?

The issue many people like myself encounter is the deposit - it is very hard to save whilst living a normal life. That is, not to say a mortgage payment is not achievable, let’s face it, the same people pay their rent and bills month on, month out.

So, moving on - I completely agree the ‘right to buy scheme’ was mismanaged previously. I would propose a revision to this policy, I believe people like myself do NOT expect a huge discount in house prices, and would happy to pay for the homes they love. A suggestion would be, an offer of a deposit incentive (cover the 10% deposit in an interest free loan), the clause being, if the home is sold within an agreed period, the loan is returned with interest.

An other option would be - to secure the social housing portfolio, offer a similar agreement on the open market.

The third option would be - offer the right to buy scheme with a discount on the purchase price, however, change the terms to deter anyone but long term buyers. Clauses including, a longer tenancy prior to discount, a higher deposit contribution rather than discount although with stipulations that the property should be occupied by a the buyer or their direct family. Such clauses would stop buyers who will rent the property or to buy to make a profit.

The majority of working class families are happy to work and live moderately. The tricky situation is, I do not feel that any political party really understands, how it is to live as a moderate income household. We earn too much for help but not enough to have a disposable income to be able to save a huge deposit. It is actually heartbreaking to have a strong work ethic and be proud of that, however, the options for support to buy a home are limited.

Is this not our human right.

I have also supported the SNP government, including independence, however, I truly feel the closing of the ‘right to buy scheme’ or consideration of a hybrid of this model is a detriment to the working class people with a moderate income. We do not want freebies or handouts, we simply want to be heard, understood and supported.

I would happily give my vote to a government who remembers the forgotten demographic, those who choose to and love to work, but have limited options.

If you agree with me, please sign this petition, and let the voices of the forgotten be heard!

150 have signed. Let’s get to 200!