Bring Back The Moderation Policy for CBSE 12th Results!

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After struggling throughout the school year, facing partial scores given by teachers, we finally reach up to the point where we feel that finally we and all our efforts would be treated fairly by the board. You might have heard the recent news that CBSE has decided to not continue with the moderation policy and it is likely to bring down the overall percentage by 10%. According to CBSE, "removing the moderation policy would bring uniformity". What kind of uniformity is it talking about? The people who were scoring 99% would now score 89% and still be at the top. The only problem it will create is for those students who are:
1. Average Students
2. Students belonging from a middle class family
3. Students who have applied for foreign colleges
4. Students who have submitted their predicted scores hoping that their real scores would be better than the predicted ones

CBSE needs to understand that Delhi University is NOT considering the request made by CBSE to reconsider the scores of students who would no longer have moderation.
CBSE needs to understand most of the state boards have already declared their scores and the students of national capital, who think that MAYBE the board that is central controlled would have greater preference is just delaying its' results date by date.
CBSE needs to understand that when Delhi High Court has denied its' no moderation policy, it has actually considered the hard work the students have done for so many days, weeks and months. "These children, who have worked so hard and have burnt the midnight oil, are entitled to some stability and the only stability they know is the system. Do not instill insecurity in them. Don't do it (withdrawal of the policy) this year," said the bench.
The students who have attempted the CBSE 12th grade examinations have applied for colleges abroad which requires the scores of at least 90%. The foreign colleges or even some of the colleges in India requires Predicted Scores for the admission process and the admission is given when the actual scores are higher or equal to predicted scores. Which has become something impossible due to the decision made by CBSE.

We, the students of class 12th are not PREY to CBSE's sudden mood swings. The decision for removing the moderation policy has come up when most of the examinations have been conducted. When most of the students were prepared to score 90% or higher or whatever the score they aspire for and have filled up the colleges of their dream. AND NOW BY CHALLENGING Delhi High Court's decision, CBSE IS RUINING ALL THE DREAMS OF THE STUDENTS OF GRADE 12th. CBSE IS TREATING OUR FUTURE AS IF IT IS A JOKE.
And thus, I want you to stand with me and sign the petition in order to allow the moderation policy because "rules cannot be changed after the game has begun".