Bring Back the Lime Skittle!

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To the people of Skittles,
(a.k.a. the Marketing and Innovation team at Wrigley)

We've got a problem. Enough is enough. It's time to do away with this Green Apple bullsh*t and bring back the lime skittle. We know why you changed it, and we understand. We're not upset with you; we just want our darling lime back.

We get it; it's hard to market a product that's been going strong for 30+ years. You needed a fresh campaign: something new to grab people's attention. In 2013, you decided a new flavor was the way to go. Focus groups probably said "Yes, a new flavor! Green Apple!" However, as we've all learned from the Pespi v. Coke Challenge and the creation of New Coke, focus groups and taste tests don't always reveal the true needs and wants of the people. Perhaps, if I were to taste a green apple skittle on its own, I would like it and maybe even want another. But that's not how we eat skittles. We want to throw back a handful, and the original skittles could be consumed in any combination of flavors and taste amazing. Lime goes much better with the other flavors than green apple, and while lime might be close to lemon in taste, it's not about the individual flavors. It's about enjoying the full bag of skittles and not having to worry about gagging in public because of accidentally eating a green apple skittle at the same time as lemon (or any other flavor for that matter.)

The other issue we have with Green Apple is that you tried to slyly change the flavor. Have a little more faith in us than that. You kept the green the same color, and you continue to market the product as "Original" even though it's certainly not. You could have given us some sort of warning; instead, each of us, sometime near the end of 2013, had the biggest let down of our lives. Nothing's worse than being prepared for a heavenly handful of Original Skittles only to endure the disgust of green apple.

It's time to own up. Admit the green apple flavor wasn't as big of a hit as you had hoped. As Coca-cola did away with New Coke, do away with the New Green Apple Skittle. Bring back lime so we can all be a little happier every time we enjoy Skittles. Let us taste the rainbow. Let us taste the true flavors of the rainbow.


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