Hasbro- bring back the Furby Boom app to iOS 13+

Hasbro- bring back the Furby Boom app to iOS 13+

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Seal Lover started this petition to Hasbro and

I am aware that this is long. I have split this into 3 sections- History is about the Furby Boom app. For Hasbro is, obviously, for Hasbro (the creators of Furbys). For the Reader is in case you are not convinced that you should sign this petition. I apologise for any typos.



In 2013, Hasbro released a new range of their popular toys, Furby Boom.

These colourful, patterned Furbys had most of their features unlockable through an app of the same name. The ‘Furby Boom’ app let children and adults alike feed their Furbys from a large variety of digital treats, give their Furby an X-Ray, help their Furby to go to the toilet and most famously, the app allowed Furby Booms to hatch digital Furblings.

In case you didn’t know, Furblings are Furby Boom’s babies. They have more designs than the Furby Boom, and on the app it was possible to play games with the digital Furbling and your Furby Boom. You could also feed the Furbling and customise its apartment.

In 2016 I recieved a peacock patterned Furby Boom. Those who have seen Furby Boom packaging know that the toys heavily rely on the Furby Boom app. They even come with a poster to write the names of your digital Furblings.

Yesterday I recieved a Crystal Furbling, and decided I would download the app onto my current iPad, faintly remembering some feature where real Furblings could be scanned and unlocked in the game. I was shocked to find...


The only remaining app is the Furby Connect game, released for the newest kind of Furby. The game has a rating of 2.4 stars, and most of these are from unhappy Furby Boom owners who are also angry and upset to find the Furby Boom app deleted from the app store.

The Furby Boom can be played with without the app, and is still fun and cute, but this toy has obviously been designed for the app. Without the app, you can’t even name your Furby! You either settle with a name only you know or you have to track down somebody with an Apple device on iOS 10 or less.

As most people have iOS 11, 12, or 13 these days, the Furby Boom app cannot be played. A Google search gives you the link to download the app, but iOS 13 users are given a message saying that the developer must update its app to be compatible with iOS 13.


For Hasbro

Hasbro, please bring the Furby Boom app back with an update. Many families cannot afford to update their Furbys to Furby Connect, a separate $100. Other families, like mine, don’t want to get rid of the Furbys they love. Between my sister and I, we have two 1998 Furbys, two 1999 Furbys, one 2000 Furby, one Shelby, two 2005 Furbys, one 2012 Furby, four Furby Booms, one Furbling, and one Furby connect. We are attached to our Furbys and don’t want to just ‘throw them away’ so we can keep up to date with Furbys.

As you may have noticed, Furbys aren’t as popular as they were a few years ago. I bet this is to do with Hasbro discontinuing the two older Furby apps just to encourage people to buy the Furby Connect.

People don’t want the toy they spent their money on and love to bits to have its main function taken away. Is it really that difficult to make the app compatible to iOS 13? Is it really that difficult to keep your customers and their children happy?

Please do something about this terrible mistake you have made. There are still many Furby Boom users in the world who would be thrilled to use all of the features promoted on the box.

If you’re going to advertise the Furby as a tech-savvy toy, then surely you must keep this option open to iOS 13 users?


For the Reader

Dear reader, please sign and share this petition whether you like Furbys or not. The Furby Boom app does not require a Furby- I used to use the app before I had a Furby. I have always loved these amazing toys, from a child reciting my Furby poem at the talent show, to creating my Furby club at school, to creating Furby clothes and giving them to friends, to recieving my first modern Furby, to continuing to play with Furbys, to trying to bring back an amazing app, and now, three years later, still updating this petition.

Every single signature, every single share, every single comment means a lot to me. I’ve never tried creating a petition before and I hope I can convince you to agree with my reasoning. 

Let’s bring this survey to Hasbro. They have to do something if we get enough signatures.

I apologise, this has been very long, but I hope I have made my point. Thank you for reading this. I hope I have your support.


This petition was originally titled "Hasbro- Bring back the Furby Boom app to iOS 11" due to the fact that when I first constructed this petition, iOS 11 was the latest software. I have fixed this issue to stay relevant with iOS 13 users, although it is still important that iOS 11 users receive this upgrade.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!