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Bring Back The Dramatic Arts - Sandalwood Heights S.S.

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Hundreds of students at Sandalwood Heights Secondary School are losing their chance to take a part in arts programs which have made a difference in the lives of students across the world. With many students signed up for drama and media arts classes for the 2017-2018 school year, it's not just a few that are losing the opportunity to take part in some of their favourite classes. 

Why Are The Arts Important?

The arts play a critical role in the lives of billions of people across the world. From movies and music, to advertisements and even new solutions to everyday problems, the arts are everywhere. Art classes in schools allow us to raise the next generation of artists, musicians, actors, dancers, writers, philosophers, and creative thinkers. 

They promote creativity in students and allow the creation of inventions that many of us could never begin to imagine. And there is sufficient evidence of the arts in schools reducing dropout rates, increasing student attendance, developing team players, and creating an environment full of acceptance, fostering a love of learning in students. 

Brain research also shows that the arts develop neural systems which provide a number of benefits, ranging from improvements in fine motor skills, emotional balance, and critical and creative thinking. They promote self-confidence, aesthetic awareness, motivation, and cultural exposure, and allow emotional expression and create social harmony and acceptance to diversity.  

And those are only a few reasons as to why the arts are a key aspect in human development. Are we really willing to deprive the next generation of that?

What Can You Do?

We, as a community, are capable of making a difference. These students don't have to lose out on classes that play vital parts in their lives. We can bring back the arts for current students and all those to come. By signing this petition and leaving a comment with your reason for signing or why you think the arts are important, you are demanding that the arts be brought back at Sandalwood Heights Secondary School, and ensuring that these students are given the opportunities they deserve. Bring back the arts!

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