He's missed dearly by all of us, Please Bring back Bhogle.

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Where's the fun without quirkiness and the wit, and who else does that better than Harsha Bhogle. No offense, but did you ever see Ravi Shastri (or anybody) come up with better lines than these, 

Edged and taken, 
That went like a tracer bullet, 
The match going all the way down the wire.
duh.. too predictable!!

When Sachin drove one, you can expect a mortal being to say
Hit down the ground, that's a gorgeous straight drive.
What did Harsha say, Open the textbook, turn to Page 32!!
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If there was a term commentary porn, Harsha is its Sunny Leone.

Don't we deserve a better music to our ears?

We wouldn't care what it took to sack him, but he deserves a second chance. People make mistakes. We realize that BCCI, or whoever is in charge, is too big to even care about a petition like this. But please understand that Harsha makes anything bearable. How many of you would watch those videos on cricbuzz if it was not for Harsha?

India is the No.1 team without Sachin, Cricket too can go on without Harsha but wouldn't it be nice to have Sachin and Saurav open for us now?

Sign this petition and be a part of plea that may overturn this decision that robbed us of any intellect left in a Cricket Commentary Box.

I am just a nobody, who's had his jaws paining, for I was shouting all night when India won the world cup, who injured his fist out of excitement when Virat belted Faulkner in the World T20 '16, who would have watched the movie, M.S. Dhoni even if Uday Chopra starred in it. I am that nobody who never asked for anything but who still cannot give up hope of seeing Harsha back in action. 

Giving second chances, though not mainstream, proves that there's more in the game than just ego. A billion people deserve more than a rookie with a mic doing a bhangra. Ugh!!  You know what I mean.. In a world that is so tolerant to see Trump as the most powerful man, a nation that is tolerant to Honey Singh and that saw two terms of Congress govt, what we are asking is as reasonable as it can get.  Seriously.

Summer is coming and IPL is just around the corner. Bring him back and the Nation shall owe you one, BCCI.

We plead you…