Bring back Fernando Alonso to Ferrari

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Bring Fernando Alonso back to Ferrari!

We want to see Fernando Alonso back in a competitive car, especially in Ferrari because there were so many emotions between 2010 and 2014. No matter which team mate, the combination has always been perfect.

The championship - Ferrari wants to win it, Fernando wants to win it. So there is no reason for him to not get back to Ferrari. The car has improved since the last time Alonso was driving it and he is always the same - competitive, hard working, never giving up the chance to win the championship, fit, experienced and so on.

With him and another good driver, Ferrari could win the championship in both categories. Currently it is not possible for them. Vettel is the only one who is able to win something at the very moment, but nobody knows what will happen.

So Ferrari, give us back these emotions before it will be too late. He drives not for his whole life in these conditions. It's your chance to beat Mercedes and Red Bull in both categories - the only chance! So do it and get him back.