Bring back cracker night to Victoria

Bring back cracker night to Victoria

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Bring back cracker night to Victoria

Society needs to return to the simple niceties that young Australians used to enjoy — comic books, milk bars and Cracker Night!

Scorching that new woollen jumper on Cracker Night was a rite of passage for young Australians. It was a small price to pay to ensure that families and communities would come together. In the eyes of a seven year old kid growing up, it was magic. It was a night spent with mum and dad, doing something that was special; they are the nights that are etched into kids memories. Surely, we should be encouraging every opportunity to bring communities together.

But, Cracker Night was not just about fireworks. People sat around a bonfire and just simply talked. Sadly it is one of those community events that no longer occurs. Strong communities provided people with a broad support network and friendships and helped keep youngsters out of mischief. Cracker Night embodies that wonderful proverb, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’

At the risk of raising the ire of the politically correct brigade, I understand that there are safety risks with fireworks; however, heroin is a bigger risk. Besides, only the grown-ups used the most dangerous fireworks, and I know as a responsible adult, I’d be the one firing them up, as they are also the most impressive. I note that Tasmania, Northern Territory, Canada, Britain and America all have forms of Cracker Night with great degrees of success.

The use and possession of fireworks in Victoria is illegal without a pyro licence; 

However there is no denying the the black market is rife with the sale of fireworks and there is very little the government can do to stop it.  Even after prosecution the ‘offender’ receives a small fine and that’s the extent of it.

A better way to handle the situation would be to legalise, regulate & tax fireworks to avoid black market activity, criminal mark up etc.

If we can accept that driving a car, riding a motorbike, going for a surf or skydiving are acceptable risks for consenting adults, why do we prevent people from setting off a few double bungers?

The sale of fireworks in NSW, Tasmania and the NT causes no major problems and other states should follow their lead.

The NT allows the sale of fireworks to adults once a year on 1 July, for people to set off in celebration of Territory Day (the anniversary of self-governance) that evening.

In NSW You can apply for a permit to purchase and use fireworks without holding a pyrotechnic licence.

Tasmania, members of the public must submit an application at least 21 days in advance of the intended fireworks display, and give at least seven days’ notice to police and fire services, landowners and managers of the site, and any neighbours within 1km. The permit carries heavy restrictions on time, length, amount, supervision and responsibility. It also ensures minimum distances from spectators and particular buildings like schools and churches.

A preferred a model which allowed for the sale of fireworks to adults year-round.

Because if you’re going to get silliness you’re going to get it when it’s so tightly controlled for only a limited time.

The reason fireworks were banned in the first place - that people can get hurt, but government “intrusiveness” has gone too far.

There should be controls such as having regard to the fire danger period, type of fireworks and age of purchaser, but these are easy things to put in place.

Let’s bring back cracker night and bonfires!

67 have signed. Let’s get to 100!