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Bring back chocolate muffins at the CCAS canteen

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Chocolate muffins. But today we're talking more specifically about CCAS chocolate muffins. A muffin so powerful that once tried, any chocolate muffin made elsewhere around the globe does not compare. Not even close.

In case you haven't had the opportunity and the blessing to try such a life changing food item. Let me break it down:

  • Wrapped in light heat proof paper you can choose between two sizes. Small or large perfect for any emotion
  • The foundation of this muffin is light fluffy chocolate sponge but this is where the gold is found. Hidden amongst the sponge is 20 cent sized decadent pieces of chocolate. Not just cheap hot dollar chocolate, we are talking about lindt directly from Belgium straight from the international airport.
  • Already a 10/10 this muffin is taken to another galaxy another dimension when the words "can you heat this up?" emerge from a student's mouth and the reply you ask? "yes." 
  • 30 seconds plus in the microwave, the chocolate melts. And now you've got yourself the greatest muffin, food item, Gods greatest gift and the best thing that has ever and will ever grace your hands in a lil white paper bag.

Tragedy struck in Term 2 of 2017 when students walked into the infamous gates of CCAS ready to face the day with a chocolate muffin in hand. In slow motion, they made their way down to the canteen to find an empty, desolate, sterile canteen. Void of the warm, mentally stabilising chocolate muffin. First thinking it was a joke, a prank. It was then confirmed by principal TK that the muffins were removed forever to make the canteen healthier. 

Here's what the students would like:

  • Muffins returned to their former glory - no recipe change

Sign this petition to help the students of CCAS get their favourite muffins back

Kind regards,

CCAS students xx

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