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Bring Back Chief Illiniwek to the University of Illinois

Banning the symbol from the University of Illinois not only rids the school of its prided tradition, but also denies the honor that the symbol brings to the great Illiniwek Confederacy.

You do not need to be a currently enrolled student at the Univesity of Illinois, or even an alum. Anyone who supports the Chief should sign this!

This petition was delivered to:
  • National Congress of American Indians
  • NCAA President and CEO
    Mark Emmert
  • Public Relations (NCAA)
    Jane Jankowski
  • Minority-Enhancement Program (NCAA)
    Donnetta H. Moorman
  • University of Illinois Assistant to the Chancellor
    Phyllis Mischo
  • University of Illinois Associate Chancellor
    Michael DeLorenzo
  • University of Illinois Vice Chancellor
    Reneé Romano
  • Chief of Peoria Tribe
    John P. Froman
  • Public Relations (NCAA)
    Wallace I. Renfro
  • University of Illinois Chancellor and Vice President
    Phyllis Wise

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