Bring back Bubble Jug!

Bring back Bubble Jug!

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Started by Brian McKanna

It has been well over a decade since the greatest candy gum of all time vanished from North America. The combination of juicy gum bits mixed with bright pink sugary powder brought joy to millions, but now, years later, we are left with nothing but a cheap knock off Hubba Bubba wannabe product. 

If your mouth started watering when you read the part about the pink powder, then you must know i’m talking about The Bubble Jug- which was by far one of the greatest gum candies ever made. The unique feeling of chewing the small gum pieces as it combined with the extremely yummy powder was a one of a kind experience.  

Us 90’s kids are now adults with a little cash to spend. Hubba Bubba, we ask you, please bring back the Bubble Jug!

We promise to embrace you with open arms and open mouths. We promise to support you by buying the product and telling our friends how much we love it. 

Think of all the BUZZ that would come from the announcement “the Bubble Jug is coming back!” Who knows, it just might break the internet!

With this all being said, we politely make just two requests…

  1. Bring back the original Bubble Jug with its original flavor. 
  2. Keep the packaging the exact same. That bright pink is truly iconic! 

90’s kids, with enough signatures we can prove to Hubba Bubba that there is still a big demand for this product! It’s been way too long without our favorite gum in a jug!

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211 have signed. Let’s get to 500!