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Stop the abuse, neglect and exploitation of horses in Acapulco, Mexico.

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The horse-drawn "princess carriage" rides of Acapulco are no fairytale for the emaciated and overworked horses that the industry exploits.  Despite near starvation and a nationwide ban on the use of animals for recreational purposes, these horses are forced to haul heavy loads of passengers through the dangerous streets of downtown Acapulco all through the night.  

Many of these horses spend their days in squalor; some are tied to trees in the hot sun for up to 16 hours at a time, while others live under bridges.  They drink from sewage-polluted streams and often go without food.  Despite illness, injury and malnourishment, the horses are forced to work each evening.  Their owners claim that their horses "only understand violence" and admit to beating them to submission.

Please speak up for these horses by urging Dra. Leonora Esquivel, the leader of Mexico's leading animal rights organization, AnimaNaturalis, to place more pressure on local government to bring their torture to an end.

The appalling exploitation of Acapulco's "princess carriage" horses received some attention in 2016, thanks to a Daily Mail article that revealed the shocking abuse and neglect that these animals face every moment of their lives. The sad reality, however, is that these horses are STILL being abused and neglected. 

In June of 2017, I personally witnessed the "princess carriage" horses being repeatedly whipped as they carted packed carriages of tourists at an exhausting pace through the chaotic 4-lane highways of Acapulco's tourist strip late into the night--often with taxis and busses blaring by with mere inches to spare.  ALL of the horses were clearly underfed; and many were so skinny that their rib cages were visible.  

Please help make the world aware of what is happening to horses in Acapulco, and make bringing their abuse and exploitation to an end a priority for AnimaNaturalis.  

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