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Bring 25th anniversary HeroQuest edition to Market

My friends and I played Hero Quest during our teenage years. It is among my favorite memories. It was my first introduction to role playing games (allbeit it is not DnD 3.5 or Pathfinder). The Milton Bradley game has long been out of print and resells for high amounts of the secondary market. This was an excellent game and since then the market for dungeon crawls has expanded. It would be well received in the board game community. In the age of internet, we the consumer, must let companies and manufacturers, know our preferences. Please sign this petition to help make this dream a reality. It is perfect timing for a 25th anniversary edition of HeroQuest and a re-release of the expansions. For HeroQuest game information please visit:

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Anyone noteworthy who would like to add their support or have a featured support quote, let me know. -Kevin

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