Stop Zippos Circus from returning to Brighton & Hove to exploit animals for entertainment.

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Animals are not here for our entertainment and should not be made to perform in the circus. We want Brighton and Hove City Council to repeal, revoke, and/or reject any proposed or confirmed licence/permission provided to Zippos Circus for their 2019 scheduled tour, and any tour thereafter.

Their use of domestic animals, including horses and budgies is not necessary, and while Zippos claim they follow animal welfare rules and regulations, the fact remains that these animals are made to perform, and carry out tasks that are unnatural. The training required to perform these tasks is often not observed/monitored by the relevant regulatory bodies and can breach welfare legislation (usually involves punishment using whips and depriving the animals of food until they perform the tricks required by the trainers).  By allowing Zippos Circus to return, year after year, Brighton and Hove City Council are condoning these questionable training methods.

Horses performing in a tent full of people is uncharacteristic and no doubt causes them stress and anxiety (by their very nature, horses are timid and would normally be startled by the loud noises and flashing lights used in the circus). Whips are used on horses in the performance, and while not performing, the horses are kept in cramped conditions, tethered, unable to roam freely.

We acknowledge that the RSPCA and the council’s animal wardens carry out welfare checks. However, these inspections do not take into account the methods used to train animals, the transportation of animals, and the animals schedule before and after they leave Hove Lawns. At no point is the holistic welfare of the animal taken into consideration.

We also question why Zippo’s Circus do not advertise their use of domestic animals on their poster.  It seems unethical to fail to warn customers about the use animals when it is clearly an important issue for many people.

We, the undersigned, believe that any show involving animals is cruel and unnecessary, especially when it comes to Zippos. Isn't it time ALL animal circuses were committed to the history books?

The council have given us the opportunity to present our case to them when they make their decision in January.  Please support us in our efforts by signing this petition - let's send a strong message to the council, let them know that we do not agree with the use of animals in the circus. We cannot make an effective case without your help!