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Prosecute Richard Pilicer To The Fullest Extent of the Law

Recently, about 120 Havanese and Havanese-mixes, were confiscated from a Colorado residence, belonging to Richard Pilicer. The dogs were transferred to Adams County Animal Control and Dumb Friends League, and each dog was reported to have at least a pound of dirt, urine, feces, etc. embedded into their hair.

His excuse was, “It was like an alcoholic; one puppy wasn’t enough for me and I couldn’t bring myself to give them away."

Apparently, his act persuaded Assistant Adams County Ruth Kedzior as they commented, "I think he just felt that the situation got out of control and it was just too much for him to handle."

In my opinion, Richard Pilicer is a glorified puppy mill operator that is just sorry he got caught! He had websites (ie. and advertising his dogs and falsely providing the impression that he was a reputable breeder.

As of yesterday, July 25th, 2013, Richard Pilicer faces 13 counts of criminally negligent animal cruelty and is due in court on August 14th.

The below is a copy of the letter sent to Heidi M. Miller, Acting County Attorney, on behalf of the Windy City Havanese Club.

Help us raise awareness to this cause to prosecute Richard Pilicer to the FULLEST extent of the law.

Heidi M. Miller
Acting County Attorney
4430 S. Adams County Pkwy.
5th Floor, Suite C5000B
Brighton, CO 80601-8206 July 25, 2013

Dear Ms. Miller,

I'm writing on behalf of the Windy City Havanese Club, the local breed club of Chicago Illinois. As you are aware, Richard Pilicer was recently caught in your jurisdiction hoarding and overbreeding for profit nearly 120 Havanese dogs in his home. These dogs were found in unfathomable neglected conditions and many will never recover and will have to be euthanized. We are writing to urge you to prosecute this person to the fullest extent of the law, including animal neglect and cruelty and referral to the US Department of Agriculture for the unregulated sale and abuse of these animals. Such cruelty and neglect must not go unpunished and such practices must not be tolerated in your county. We appreciate your time and consideration.


Gloria Dittmann
President, Windy City Havanese Club

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