Save the Kodak emergency night shelter from eviction!

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Over the last month a DIY emergency housing shelter has been operating out of the old Kodak shop on London Road. The site is home to several permanent residents, and provides food and rest space during the day for many more.  

The space has been received with overwhelming positivity from the homeless and precariously housed community. Strong bonds and friendships have been built while turning the space into a home for some, and a safe space for others. As the weeks have gone on the word has spread, and more people turn up each day to use the space. From cups of tea, to meals, a comfortable nap, time and materials to make art, signposting to services, and much needed friendly conversation - the shelter has adapted to all kinds of needs.

People from a variety of different local communities have become involved in the effort, with new donations and volunteers appearing all of the time. The support has been incredible, and created an energetic community dedicated to keeping the project running and spreading.

The project has now been served court papers for eviction, and the date has been set for Thursday, 16th January. A huge concerted effort has begun to bring evidence to the court that the building is being used for good, that emergency accommodation is required in Brighton, and that buildings that are empty and have no set schedule for future plans are ideal as interim measures. 

The collective aims to present as many statements of support as possible to the court. This petition will form part of the case to halt eviction proceedings, so the shelter can keep providing support to those who need it most. By signing you can make your support for this project known, as well as showing Brighton council that they urgently need to provide housing for all of their residents.

Please also consider sharing this petition, as the more people become aware of how vital the shelter is right now, the better chance we have of keeping it going.