Keep Dance Team at Bridgewater College

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The Bridgewater College Dance Team is one of the few spirit teams on campus and has been an established part of the institution for many years. Unfortunately, the college has implemented a Strategic Resource Allocation, in which several groups, including the Dance Team, will be phased out. The Dance Team prides itself on school spirit, gets involved with the community and increases audience engagement. The college may only see the Dance Team as a group that dances at halftime for the football and men's & women's basketball games, however, this is a gross oversight. Not only are we a main source of entertainment during these aforementioned games, but the Dance Team is also deeply involved within the community. The Dance Team goes to the local high school to teach students about dance, perform yearly for the senior citizens at the Bridgewater Retirement Community and are annually asked to walk in the Bridgewater Christmas Parade. The Dance Team is also a large part of college recruitment, as we are ambassadors and seen as one of the prominent faces of the school. Incoming students tend to only see what the school has presented to them when they visit. When asked, the incoming students expressed how they loved seeing that Bridgewater had more than just one choice in a spirit team. Lastly, the Dance Team is not just a spirit team, but a safe space for male and female dancers to come together, express themselves freely, and grow mentally and physically. This team has been the foundation for many dancers as it has taught them how to do multiple tricks and dance moves which can launch their future career in the dance industry.

If you would, please take this time to sign this petition to keep Dance Team from being phased out. This is one of the staples of Bridgewater College that we can not afford to lose.