Ban Veal Slaughter

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Veal Slaughter is the killing of calves up to 1 month old and they are often only milk feed. The carcasses weigh from 9kg to 27kg. Australia doesn’t produce much white veal which is 18-20 weeks old and only milk feed. Rather Australias veal can weigh up to 70kg and be pasture feed. Once born, calves are callously dragged from their mother’s sides because farmers want the veal and also the mothers milk. In order for cows to lactate they must have had a calf. Mother and calves can often be kept in close proximity so they can hear each other's calls, but never see each other again. Cows are known to cry for their stolen babies constantly for days and even weeks on end. Calves once taken from their mothers have their movement restricted and also exposure to sunlight. Many cannot breath. Often they are locked in stalls that are 2 foot wide while being chained up. Calves that are chained up have trouble laying down comfortably and are unable to clean themselves.They can be locked up for 18 to 20 weeks before slaughter many are subject to harsh treatment. Calves have had the ability to walk, run, jump, play and with other animals taken away all because veal is a healthier option to eat and it has more nutrients such as protein. Veal also has a richer beef taste while being leaner and more tender then beef. That’s why it’s often in high demand. It’s known as veal as it attracts more people to eat it where as if it was called baby calf it would turn many people away.

A farm in Canada was found having a worker kicking, punching and beating a baby calf that was chained in a stall by its neck.It was unable to lay down or turn around and was even suffering from open wounds. The worker was only fined $4000 and prohibited from owning more than 5 animals for a period of 15 years