Ban Factory Farming in Australia

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Factory Farming is an exploitative method that is used for farming by big businesses. This is an economically valid way of farming but is extremely cruel and awful for the environment. Currently in Australia animal rights laws don't apply to 'farm animals'. This allows for these businesses to either cage animals or keep them in areas far too small for the amount of animals kept there. Also because they are 'farm animals' it is legal to remove parts of an animal without sedation to force them to fit in a cage.

In addition to grossly mistreating these animals Factory Farming also pollutes the environment massively. A single Factory Farm generates the waste of a small city. These farms are also very inefficient as they use more grain than the amount of food that they produce.

Two thirds of all animals who are kept in farms are trapped in Factory Farms where they are mistreated. This is awful not only for the animals involved, but also, for Australian family farms. Family farms used to be a common part of Australian society, but due to the rise of Factory Farming these family farms are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Banning Factory Farming would be beneficial for not only the animals who are currently being mistreated, but also for families forced out of their livelihoods by Factory Farms.

If this petition gains enough signatures the Australian Minister of Agriculture will have no choice but to ban Factory Farming.