Bridgeport School District iPad Policy Is Unacceptable

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For the last several years, students in grades 7-12 at Bridgeport Middle School and Bridgeport Elementary School have needed to use iPads to access many of their course materials. Parents who wanted their children to succeed in the classroom were strongly encouraged to purchase their child an iPad from the school district at a cost of approximately $500 a piece. Parents were left with few options, as this device was vital to their child's education.

The school district has now decided that students will no longer be permitted to use the iPads that had been previously purchased from the district and will now only be allowed to use "district issued" iPads, which will be returned to the school at the end of the academic year -- rendering the $500 device parents had been backed into buying completely useless. In addition, the school requires parents to either purchase a $50 insurance policy on the new "district issued" iPad or agree to take on any costs of repairs themselves.

Parents were under the impression that they were buying their child a piece of essential equipment that would be used for the duration of their time at Bridgeport Middle School and High School. Most of these parents would never have bought their child this expensive device if it wasn't necessary for their education. Now, parents find themselves with a $500 toy that isn't allowed to be used for the very purpose it was bought for. School.

Bridgeport Exempted Village School District needs to find a way to remedy this situation. To tell parents that the iPads they purchased from the school are no longer allowed to be used for school and must be replaced with an identical iPad issued by the school is beyond absurd and completely unacceptable.

Parents are hopeful that a compromise can be reached.

According to the letter from the school district, “students in grades 7-12 are now required to use a district issued iPad because of the instructional materials that will be loaded on the devices for classroom learning.” From what I have been able to gather from the limited information parents were given, the concern is that students are downloading apps, etc, that the school does not want them to have access to and wants more control over how students use the iPads.

Since the devices are identical, parents would be more than happy to allow the district to install whatever apps/programs they will be using on the "district issued" iPads, as well as following all of the same rules that apply to those devices and allowing the school to monitor them the same as they would those that are "district issued." In this way, the school district could achieve their goals while still being fair to parents who have already spent an exorbitant amount of money at the direction of the district.

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