Help End Animal Hoarding In Nevada

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Animal hoarding is quite possibly the worst form of animal abuse that exists, and this is a very serious issue affecting communities in Nevada. Hoarders keep large amounts of animals, mostly cats and dogs, that they cannot provide care for. Left to fend for themselves, the animals are constantly in danger, living inside of a hoarder’s house and roaming freely in the streets scavenging for food. These animals are helpless victims, victims of abuse such as severe emaciation, malnutrition, untreated wounds and injuries, eye infections, and psychological distress.

According to the ALDF (the Animal Legal Defense Fund), an estimated 250,000 animals are victims of hoarding every year. Most of the animal victims that are able to be rescued are in such bad conditions that it is often too late and they must be euthanized. In 2010, 165 cats were rescued from a hoarder’s home in Las Vegas and by 2014, 153 of those cats were euthanized because of their health conditions or feral behavior. (Source: Las Vegas Review Journal)

This year Nevada finally recognized hoarding as a “mental illness” when they approved the revision to Senate Bill No. 177, but still the state is not encouraging communities to educate themselves on the signs of animal hoarding or how they can report cases to authorities. Many people just ignore the “crazy cat lady” on their street without thinking about the conditions of the animals and the place where they are living. They do not realize that the actions of animal hoarders not only affect the animals, but also the community. All of the animal urine and feces produced by the animals create very unsanitary conditions, where fecal particles in the air end up in people’s food and water.

Hoarders most often suffer from some sort of mental health illness like attachment disorders, personality disorders, paranoia, delusional thinking, and depression. (Source: ASPCA) They are not mentally aware of the hurt that they are causing these animals, and by us simply ignoring these people, we are condemning innocent animals to a life of suffering and pain. Give a voice to the animal victims of hoarding by joining me today in signing this petition to raise awareness and end animal hoarding in Nevada.

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