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Clemency for Jamie Hein

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My name is Cassandra Hein and eight years ago, my sister Jamie Hein began serving a 10-25 year sentence after being convicted of second-degree murder.  Jamie Hein was 21 yrs old, and she stabbed our Aunt Becky’s boyfriend, Tim Herman, once with a knife as he was attacking her. 

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Jamie Hein qualifies under every criteria for clemency set forth by the board. Jamie Hein has expressed her remorse clearly and publicly for her responsibility in the death of Timothy Herman. Jamie Hein is and has been an exemplary inmate, taking every opportunity to improve herself, and to assist others to improve their conditions. By any measure, Jamie Hein is rehabilitated, and she poses absolutely no threat to the general public.   Jamie Hein suffers from a rare, painful, and life threatening disease, Hereditary Angio Edema. Prison conditions are a known trigger of the disease and Jamie's condition has progressively worsened over the 8 years of her incarceration. Not only could the conditions of Jamie's further incarceration "constitute gross unfairness" under the boards criteria for qualification for consideration for clemency, the treatments cost the state approximately 1% of the NDOC's entire prisoner medical budget. Given the cuts to NDOC programs necessitated by our modern economy, $416,000 per year is consequential to the department's expenses. Does it make sense to continue to incarcerate Jamie Hein? We petition you in the name of rehabilitation, redemption, mercy, fiscal responsibility, and the common good to free Jamie Hein.

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