Shut down Manitoba Borders and save local businesses from a second COVID-19 shutdown!

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Manitoba Residents and local Businesses have done such a great job in keeping cases of COVID-19 down to some of the lowest numbers in North America.  Because of this, we have mostly been able to return to some form of normal life and our economy is starting to recover.  As we see in other provinces and in the US it takes just a small laxity in restrictions for the virus to come back in full force.  

Our numbers were essentially 0 for weeks and new cases are being introduced into the province from outside travellers.  Just this weekend we had 19 new cases mostly from outside travel.  It only takes one of these cases to create a super spreader situation.

We are asking the Manitoba government to shut down all non-essential travel from outside of Canada to the province and impose stiff fines for violators.   All inter-Province and essential travellers should have mandated COVID-19 testing 48hrs prior to coming to the province and need to register to an online database and screening prior to travelling to the Province.  

 If we want to keep our local businesses open and we want our kids to go to school in the fall, this is the only way to make sure it happens.  

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