Pallister - Mandate the Closure of nonessential services (salons) in Manitoba

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As of March 20th, Manitoba has declared a State of Emergency. This means the province has more power to create temporary laws. Currently the “Law” requires businesses to ensure separation of one to two meters between patrons. If businesses are found in contempt, they can be subjected to a $50,000 fine or 6 months in jail.

On March 24th, Mr. Brian Pallister announced that Salons ( hair, nails, lashes etc) should still be open as “he hasn’t heard of anyone getting sick from a salon”. Any of these services require person-to-person contact with the service provider well within the mandated distance. It is impossible to practice social distancing while providing or receiving these services.

Brian Pallister should have to retract his statement and be transparent with what is required during the State of Emergency and beyond.

It should be mandated that all nonessential services that can not guarantee proper social distancing temporarily close their doors. As a salon owner andunderstanding that this is my livelihood, I alsorealize how quickly this virus can spread and howtaking these matters lightly will result in unnecessary lives lost. 

The world says stay inside, practice social distancing and self isolation. 

Pallister says salons should still be open.

So we are either staying open to an empty salon (if people are doing what they should) or we’re closing our doors, in keeping with the laws our province is enforcing.

The government doesn’t want to be responsible for your business closing. They want you to make that choice so they can deny mandating a close; therebyexcusing themselves of responsibility for your loss of income or the closure of your business. 

This is a perverse manipulation of the law.

You can not mandate social distancing andannounce that Salons can remain open. It is inconsistent at best; and at worst, feeding a growing pandemic.

For the health of your community, your loved ones, and to flatten the curve: Sign this petition. 

Thank you. 

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