Too Soon To Open Georgia!

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It is too early to open the state of Georgia with nearly 20k people being diagnosed with Covid-19 and 17% of those being confirmed this week alone. Governor Brian Kemp is reopening:

  1. Tattoo parlors
  2. Nail salons
  3. Massage parlors
  4. Hair salons 
  5. Gyms/Bowling Alleys

This is going to violate social distancing expectations of 6 feet which is impossible given the nature of the job.  He is putting our healthcare resources, service workers, and their families at unnecessary risk. Atlanta WSBTV's Twitter poll shows that approximately 85% of users disagree with the early opening.  Not to mention the fact that Georgia has lagged in Covid-19 testing behind many other states.  Please keep Georgia safe and let's reopen when it is safe to do so.

This premature mandate will result in the loss of life which is unacceptable!