Tell Governor Kemp: Shut down Georgia TODAY, Save Lives

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We call on the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, to order an immediate shelter-in-place.

Specifically, just as Governor Gavin Newsom has declared for 40 million people in California,

  • People must be ordered to stay home except for essential needs.
  • Vulnerable populations must stay home.
  • Everyone is required stay home except to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care, or go to an essential job.
  • Going outside for walks is allowed, but keep at least 6 feet distance.

Bars, nightclubs, dine-in restaurants, gyms, all must be closed. We cannot hesitate. Italy has shown us what happens if we do not take decisive and severe action.

From Italy: "The beginning of the outbreak had the exact same number of infections in China, Italy, and other countries. The difference is that China strongly and quickly locked down Wuhan and all of the Hubei region 8 days before Italy. Just 8 days of delay for the Italy lockdown will result in an enormous increase in the number of total deaths in Italy with respect to China."

We can see the trajectory in Italy, a nation of 60 million people:

  • Feb 25:  322 confirmed cases and 10 deaths.
  • March 1st: 1694 cases and 34 deaths total.
  • March 9th, Shut down. 9172 cases and 400 deaths total.
  • On March 19, 475 people died in a single day (3k deaths, 35.7k cases total).
  • On March 24, 743 people died in a single day (6.8k deaths, 69k cases total). The effects of the lockdown will not show up for a few days yet.

Georgia has 10 million people, not 60 million.

  • March 19: We have 287 cases, and 10 deaths total, but we have 1/6 the population, so we are at the equivalent of (287*6 ~= 1700) cases. We are at Italy's "March 1st", we cannot wait to be Italy's "March 9th"!
  • Update: March 24: We are still following the exact same trajectory as Italy. We have 1026 cases, and 32 deaths total, but we have 1/6 the population, so we are at the equivalent of (1026*6 ~= 6,156) cases. We are at Italy's "March 7th", we cannot wait to be Italy's "March 9th"!

Italy surpassed China in number of deaths on Mar. 19, and as of Mar. 24, now has 2x as many deaths, in a population that is only 4% the size of China. We cannot wait another week to shut down, we must do so now!

China shutdown a population of 56 million people (in 16 cities) with less than 1300 known cases. In the epidemic trajectory, Georgia passed that on Mar 19! After locking down, Wuhan built a 1600 bed hospital in 10 days, and still was overrun. But they were able to draw on resources from surrounding regions that had shut down earlier in their own trajectories. By shutting down early, we help our neighbors too.

The path of the pandemic is clear. But if we act now instead of in a week, we will save thousands of lives.

Listen to doctors, stop worrying about government overreach, and start worrying about residents. Urging people to do things is not strong leadership. No employer is going to feel urged to close down, and vulnerable populations are still going to work. Humans are social by nature and won't feel urged to not see friends. Shutting down must be a state-wide requirement.

The economic fallout will be huge: business will fail and people will lose their jobs. But waiting will only make it exponentially worse. We need to learn from the thousands of deaths in China and Italy (and Spain, which had 458 people die on just one day: March 23). We are not somehow different from them and above the force of nature.

I am proud to be a Georgian. But let Georgia be a leader, not a follower. Let us #shutdownGA and work together to overcome this pandemic.

Governor Kemp, please order an immediate shelter-in-place order for Georgia.





Midnight Monday; Governor Kemp has not declared a stay-at-home, while Atlanta Mayor Bottoms has. We need to keep pushing!

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p.p.s. If you know any healthcare workers, please consider sharing this handbook by clinicians from Zhejiang University