Help Us Get Justice For Kenneth Herring

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This petition is targeted towards gaining justice for the brutal murder of Kenneth Herring (62) in Clayton, GA on May 7th, 2019. Hannah Payne (21) racially profiled, followed, beat, and killed Kenneth Herring in cold blood after he left the scene of a car accident. Hannah Payne accused Kenneth of being drunk, but his toxicology report proved that he had been sober. Kenneth was in a diabetic shock and on the way to the hospital, when Hannah Payne followed him for a mile, and blocked him with her Jeep before beating and shooting him. Hannah Payne called the 911 dispatcher, and continued to follow Kenneth Herring after being told to leave him alone. Not only did she NOT comply with the authorities, but she took on the role of the police and pursued to murder him in cold blood.

Currently, Hannah Payne is at home after posting bond. This murderer sits at home wearing an ankle bracelet, with a 9 PM curfew. The trial for Kenneth Herring’s murder has consistently been postponed since February. We DEMAND justice for Kenneth Herring. We demand that Governor Kemp and the District Attorney of Clayton County, Tasha Mosley, fulfill their job of prosecuting this killer and getting her off of the streets. We want a definite date of beginning her trial, and we want justice for Kenneth Herring.