Freedom for 3 Young black protestors

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Alvin Joseph stepped up as a leader in his community, funding and organizing the peaceful protests in Gwinnett County. He got permission from the Gwinnett County Police Department to lead the protest - shortly after he was violently tased by these same officers while his back was turned and his hands were up. Yet, reports were later released stating that Joseph was "disturbing the peace" and "inciting violence". We know these are false allegations because video footage was released showing the Gwinnett Police Department inciting violence by punching another peaceful protester and tasing Joseph shortly after. Joseph was then arrested but because there was video evidence of the lies forged by the Gwinnett police Alvin Joseph was released a few hours later. 

And what did this natural-born leader do immediately upon his release? He went right back to lead another peaceful protest in downtown Lawrenceville, GA. Thanks, Alvin Joseph, you stood frontline for your people! This is why the Gwinnett Police Department has TARGETED Alvin. They need to destroy the head in order to destroy the body - just as we have seen repeatedly with historical leaders such as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. 

Alvin was raised in Gwinnett County and attended my family's home church in Lawrenceville, GA. At the impressionable age of 16, he fell victim to his environment,  like many other minorities who lack the resources, guidance, and mentorship for a better outcome in life. As a minor, he was labeled a felon for credit card fraud trying to support himself and his family. Gwinnett County Police Department and news outlets are attempting to use this "felony" to further push their narrative and justify their most recent arrest of not only Alvin Joseph but 2 other protestors (Lakaila Mack and Ebuka Chike-Morah). Please keep reading. 

Alvin Joseph, Lakaila Mack and Ebuka Chike-Morah have been arrested and charged with several felony charges. The charges include Arson, Criminal Trespassing, Damage to government property, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and more(you know they love to stack charges on). 

They are being accused of tracking officers to their homes and setting their police cars on fire. The police department received reports from neighbors that they saw 3 black men committing these crimes, yet they arrested 2 black men and 1 woman. They were not found at the scene of the crime and weren't identified by any of the neighbors at the police officers' homes. But somehow Cops tracked Alvin Joseph down and found accelerant in his car... Just so you all know, Accelerant is what we use to ignite and grow our fires at our famous summer cookouts. So not only could anyone have had accelerant in their car but any protestor who was on the fence of peacefully protesting or rioting could have had that in their car. 

I need everyone to sign this petition to get these 3 protestors home to their families. Starting with a bond being granted and charges being dropped. I've also started a Go Fund me, requesting donations to go directly towards private legal representation for not only Alvin but all 3 of these victims. 

Georgia police and police all over the United States take weeks and sometimes months to arrest white civilians and police for cold blooded murder but are so quick to put our black men and women in Jail. I need your help! Let's bring these protestors that stood front line for us HOME!

Please look at the link below. The Media wants to shut Alvin up but there is so much more work to do! What really happened vs the lies in the article. 


Video of Alvin Joseph being wrongfully tased and arrested. What actually happened vs the lies in the article.

  Lies from the Media